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2019-2020 Applications

Beaver Management

To assist landowners and municipalities in reducing beaver damage to roads, fields and other agricultural lands. Staff will construct and install pond levelling devices to reduce flooding at a 50/50 cost share for materials, to a maximum of $1,000.

Conservation of Natural Areas

Off Site Watering System Trial

To provide producers with the trial use of a solar powered water system. The actual use of the system will offer information for the management decision of establishing a system in your operation.  Refundable $100 damage deposit for a two week trial use of the system. Application deadline September 30th.

Conservation of Natural Areas

Shoreline Stabilization

Contact the office for details.

50% of cost to a maximum of $1000 for new well establishment.


Well Establishment

Drinking Water Protection

Drinking Water Protection

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Well  Capping

Unused and abandoned wells can be a nuisance and a hazard for landowners. By properly sealing wells, you can help protect our drinking water from contamination. AHCD will fill old wells, including submitting legally required documentation. Upon approval, AHCD will seal, fill and cap wells within the district at no charge. (No deadline for applications.)


Alternate Watering Systems

The District provides financial and technical assistance based on individual merit of project and its benefit on the watershed health.

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Well Head Remediation

Drinking Water Protection

Financial assistance of 50% up to $200 for costs incurred in upgrading wellheads, removing old pumps and associated materials.

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AHCD will shock chlorinate your wells using provincial and federal guidelines for $50 per well.

Drinking Water Protection

Well Shock Chlorination


Tree Planter/mulch applicator

Conservation of Natural Areas

AHCD can provide use of a tree planter and mulch applicator. Staff will transport equipment. Cost $100, for both pieces of equipment or $50 for each.

Landowners are responsible for providing a tractor, mulch, trees and site preparation.

Rebate available on mulch purchases.

Provides financial assistance on Class 4, 5 & 6 soils (CLI) or problem soils; amount varies in each subdistrict.

Conservation of Natural Areas

Forage Seed Assistance

AHCD will provide design and financial assistance of 50% up to $500 with the cost of fencing supplies.

**In kind is not an eligible expense.

Drinking Water Protection


Equipment Rentals

**Staff will be available on a limited basis to assist with equipment delivery, setup and operation. Inquire for more details**

Grass Seeder

Quad attached seeder - $50 refundable damage deposit. 5 day maximum per rental.

Conservation of Natural Areas


Equipment & Livestock Crossings

Small Dams & Erosion Control  Form for Project

All receipts must be dated current year                           

(Epinette/Willow Subdistrict only) 50% cost share up to $1500 for 2 – 10 acre lots; up to $3,000 for holdings over 10 acres in size.


Conservation of Natural Areas

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